Where Have All My Bloggers Gone?

izzo's newest MOC, a very nice Robo, really appeals to me. Probably the dark blue highlights.

Speaking of mecha, I also like this little tidbit.
Thisfreighter also caught my eye. Decent.

4 notes:

Lukas said...

I'm working on it.

Anonymous said...

Message from Sideshow Bob .... I do not know were all your bloogers went? They were probably arrested by the power of the Patriot Act for committing thought crimes and then sent to labour camps in Nevada to make computar parts for Nokia. Is not America free??? Sounds and looks like Soviet Union to me!

Great blue robot !!! I like the use of the wheel hub for the chest area, and the grey hand piece for the head is an intersting use for lego .

You need more friends that build lego, then perhaps you will attain more bloggers>>>>

Spook said...

/me waits patiently to be blogged. ;D

Mike said...

Silly Spook. Why is it you think we'd blog you? /me sneaks of to do a write up on Spook's new ship.

Actually, I was sure someone else here would catch that.